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EuroShop here I come
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EuroShop here I come

18 instead of 16

The show EuroShop opens next week in Dusseldorf en it’s going to be a huge edition. Due to the high demand, 18 halls will be occupied rather than the 16 previously foreseen by the organization.

For those who don’t know the show was organized for the first time in 1966 by Messe Düsseldorf and is held every three years. The EHI Retail Institute acts as the event’s conceptual sponsor. Last edition attracted

  • 2,229 exhibitors from 56 countries
  • on over 116,000 m² of net exhibition space
  • 109,496 trade visitors,

Elke Moebius, Global Head Retail and Director EuroShop at Messe Düsseldorf had this to say concerning this year’s show: “Exhibitor demand is so great we even have a waiting list now. We expect some 2,400 exhibitors from 59 countries at EuroShop 2017. This development impressively shows that our new concept of the 7 experience dimensions was the right step and has been received very well by the industry.  EuroShop as the leading global trade fair for retailers’ entire investment needs is enormously important for the sector. Many exhibitors deliberately schedule their product launches and portfolios in line with the EuroShop dates.

Seven dimensions this year

The organization actually came up with a new concept for this edition: the seven experience dimensions. These are

  • Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • POP Marketing
  • Lighting
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Food Tech & Energy Management
  • Expo & Event Marketing
  • Retail Technology EuroCIS

The highlights

Concretely visitors will be able to enjoy several highlights such as

  • Several forums: for example the EuroCIS Forum presents developments, innovations and trends in retail technology; the Omnichannel-Forum focuses on questions related to success strategies, challenges and opportunities of new technologies related to digital and traditional distribution channels; …
  • Awards: here again there will be several award ceremonies during the event and this for different domains such as the most successful concepts in the areas of design, IT, architecture, science and POS marketing. Just to name a few of those awards: EuroShop RetailDesign Award, EuroShop // JAPAN SHOP Shop Design Award, Innovation Award Architecture + Presentation, Top Produkt Handel,…
  • And different dedicated areas for design or other themes: such as the Designers Village, Lighting Designers Zone, ECOpark, POPAI Village and Italian Lighting Zone at EuroShop 2017.


My 20/CENT on Euroshop 2017

Looking at the overall picture, one has to admit the size of the show is certainly an element that makes it an unmissable event. The website is full of information and I like that I stumbled upon the fact that a retail magazine lives with the show. So this event can live all year round in the mind of visitors, exhibitors and more.

Well I often wanted to go. But believe it or not I have never been to this show yet. I know it’s weird. Actually, don’t forget this show only takes place every three years; and I often travel for personal reasons when the event takes place. But this year, I get to make it and I am excited about it.




EuroShop 2017, from 5th till 9th of March 2017, Dusseldorf, Germany, www.euroshop-tradefair.com


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