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A new event for the food industry : the Food Innovation Summit
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A new event for the food industry : the Food Innovation Summit

Organized by Premier Cercle, here comes again a new event for the food industry: the Food Innovation Summit. All right. Settle down before you jump to conclusions and let’s see what is it all about.

Who is Premier Cercle?

With offices based in Paris and Brussels, Premier Cercle position itself as a think-tank. Their main activity is to organize events and conferences, aimed at corporate executives. The team of Premier Cercle is multicultural and multidisciplinary; so a team composed by people with expertise in various domains, among which: Innovation & IP, Finance, Strategy & Management, Energy & Environment, Telecoms, Medias & Entertainment, Public & Legal Sector.

The latest creation: the Food Innovation Summit

The inspiration

In the future, our societies will have to face several challenges and global changes: explosion of the population, a necessary increase of the global food production, production will have to cope with climate changes and find ways to optimize the use of resources, the supply chain will have to be adapted… Therefore, innovations are key and will be necessary to bring solutions to the problems created by the complexity of the future.

Inspired by these prospects, and apparently more so, by many statistics and studies, Premier Cercle decided to extend their wide range of events, to complete it with one dedicated to the food industry.

“Our approach to food is ripe for reinvention – and the food industry is just at the beginning of what it can achieve through innovation”

Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft

Key facts

  • Date: Tuesday 3rd of February 2015
  • Location: Brussels Radison Blu Royal Hotel
  • Audience:
    • 200/250 delegates,
    • From European Countries and North America
  • Format: Sessions oriented for Agriculture – Food Producers – Retailers

Blocking the date in the agenda?

At the beginning of my writing, I already heard you say: “Another new event for the food industry?!?” Well Premier Cercle organizes this event, and we had the chance to meet them to talk more in details. Next to their track record, they are setting up the event with ambitions and an approach, which is a bit different than the ones of the usual “new events”. The differences are actually in the details:

  • Content: Yes, everybody claim they have great content. But from what we could hear and see of the program, the three flows (Agriculture – Food Producers – Retailers) are well thought off. Sadly, Premier Cercle requires us not to reveal much yet, but the program looks interesting and should fulfill the expectations of the targeted audience. More info to come for sure.
  • An international event: this event is not just a local event for the region. The scope is international, which shows the ambition of the organiser, and also confirms the content is catered for the targeted audience.
  • Communication based on classic methods and bloggers: instead of revealing all, and be very aggressive through a media campaign and dozens of (e)mailings, the organizer chose to use its network and give via newsletter more news of the event and the content. Also, they intend to use not just the usual medias, but also make an appeal to some bloggers specialist in the sector. This is new. I don’t recall existing events using such methods. 

Of course, I expect you to make up your own mind in the coming weeks when more of the agenda is revealed. But I would say, that putting a note in the agenda could actually be a pleasant surprise and refreshing compared to the existing events in our industry.


More info: http://www.premiercercle.com/index.php?item=event-details&ide=195




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