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The trends for 2017 according to Innova Market insights
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The trends for 2017 according to Innova Market insights

On a yearly basis Innova Market Insights publishes a top ten of the trends we can expect for the coming year.  To come up with credible predictions is always a tricky exercise. But in the case of this report what I like is the support behind every trend. Of course there is research by many experienced analysts, but behind every trend there are also a lot of illustrations with concrete examples.

So let’s have a quick look at what next year will bring us.


  1. Clean Supreme: this is all about clean claims such as ‘no additives’ or ‘natural’, or ‘organic’
  2. Disruptive green: consumers are looking for innovative options to take inherent benefits of plants into their daily lives.
  3. Sweeter balance: The consumption of sugar is high on the agenda. It seems consumer will look to take sugar at the right times and preferably not go overboard with it.
  4. Kitchen Symphony: People travel more and more and the demand for ethnic products has never been this great. But when it comes to ethnic, people want authentic products.
  5. Body in tune: Consumers are experimenting with ‘free from’ products and specific diets. And at the same time, consumers continue to increase their intake of foods and beverages with ingredients that they consider healthy, like protein or probiotics.
  6. Plain Sophistication: The number of food and beverages launches with a craft positioning increased by 15% in 2015. Alcoholic beverages are driving this trend.
  7. Encapsulating moments: Next to an on-the-go positioning, the ‘away from home’ snacking positioning is emerging. Popular words are ‘ideal for school boxes’ or ‘perfect office snacks’.
  8. Beyond pester power: targeting kids is still a big thing; especially these are interested in more than just pretty cartoons on packaging. Even kids are cooking or baking nowadays. Furthermore companies make their products more kids proof with more convenience, or more fun positioning.
  9. Fuzzy borders: Some products are difficult to place in a category as they are playing on several ones. For example one can find smoothies which function also as energy drinks, or dairy drinks/sports drinks…
  10. Seeds of change: Seeds are moving into new spaces. There is an increasing consumer interest in previously exotic seeds like chia, quinoa and more. Seeds bring a natural source of flavor, texture and health, including high protein content and consumers are looking to benefit.




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