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Overview of Organic products and their market
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Overview of Organic products and their market

The last couple of years, the organic food market has considerably gained in importance and is now present on all shelves. If we analyse the sales, the two products at the head of the sales box office are: dairy products and eggs. The organic food trend has lead 86 countries over the world to equip them with a specific regulation. About 30 other countries are preparing to follow the same path.

A few significant figures

In 2013, the consumption of organic products was good for 65 billion US dollars (about 50 billion euros)

About 90% of global consumption goes to North America and Europe

Top 5 of organic food sales in the world

  • USA: 22,6 billion euros
  • Germany: 7 billion euros
  • France: 4 billion euros
  • Canada: 2,1 billion euros
  • United Kingdom: 1,9 billion euros

Organically cultivated land worldwide

  • Australia: 12 million hectares
  • Argentina: 3,6 million hectares
  • USA: 2,2 million hectares
  • China: 1,9 million hectares
  • Spain: 1,6 million hectares

Organically cultivated land worldwide is estimated at around 37,2 million hectares.


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