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Ecommerce in Kortrijk is back and announces a little brother

Ecommerce in Kortrijk is back and announces a little brother

It’s growing

A well-thought-of event

It’s already the third edition of E-Commerce Xpo in Kortrijk. The show is turning into a respectable event and can rest on the previous successful editions.

The concept is quite simple: if you want to start a web shop, you can go to the event and meet the experts and suppliers to help you with the startup, the setup, the optimization etc.

The show is divided in five product zones: web shop development, payment systems, online marketing, logistics, advice, consulting & services.

This year the show will welcome around 140 exhibitors.

And one information that needs to be announced, the show is getting a brother. The organizers will set up a new event at the end of March in Liège.

In the features this year: seminars and a play?

This trade fair is proposing for the third time in a row the same concept: a good balance between a wide offer of exhibitors and many seminars and conferences. Again, you’ll see the participation of institutions and organizations such as Unizo, GfK, or Comeos just to name a few.

But the feature that caught my eye is the play. Yes, there will be some theatrical performance on the exhibition center. The play will be in Dutch and its title is “Het Genot van e-commerce” (“the pleasure of e-commerce”). It will feature the adventures of a lady running a lingerie store and who wants to start a web-shop.


My 20/CENT on E-Commerce Xpo

You might have guessed it from the tone of my article; I believe this event is a successful one. The organization is usually without glitches. There is even free catering for visitors and exhibitors. The size of the show is reasonable and grows each year. And actually the fact that there is a new event planned in Liège next year shows that this formula works. Otherwise Kortrijk Xpo wouldn’t export itself.

But what I like the most at the event is the seminar program. The content is not just about exhibitors there to sell their solutions. Visitors can also attend presentations about concrete studies or surveys by professionals. And also, one cannot deny the creativity of the organizer. To my knowledge, I have never heard of a trade fair organizing a mini play on an event.

I’ll probably go and make a tour as usual. And for your information, the dates for the new event in Liège are also noted in my agenda already.




E-Commerce Xpo, 7-8 November 2016, Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk, België, www.ecommercexpo.be


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