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A few tips if you visit SIAL 2016
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A few tips if you visit SIAL 2016

SIAL Paris will open its doors soon. I get lots of questions for tips or what to do from some of you. So I believe it’s useful to share these few tips with all of you.

  • Registration: Don’t waste time and register in advance. Especially with the security controls this year, it is best that you avoid all unnecessary delays
  • How to get there smoothly? Use the shuttles. For those coming by train or planes, the Airport of Charles de Gaulle is so near and there are shuttles taking you to Villepinte and back. There are even other places in Paris where shuttles will do the round trip. Of course, beware at th end of the day you might queue for your shuttle, especially on the last day of the event. If you come by car, the parking is easy. However, in the evening, paying at the automatic pay machines can take a lot of your time.
  • When to visit? Any day is nice, usually Monday and Tuesday are moe busy. Just don’t go on the last day. It’s usually full of people just coming to pick up ‘freebies’ and some exhibitors are already in the “departure mode”.
  • How long? The length of your visit should depend on your objectives. If you want to concentrate on specific areas, you can manage your visit in one very full day. If you are more of a generalist and want to have a broad overview, you should plan at least an extra day.

If you guys need more, don’t hesitate to message me.

And one last thing, make sure you take proper shoes as you will be standing and walking a lot during your visit J



SIAL Paris, from 16th till 20th of October 2016, Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France, www.sialparis.com

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