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Pleasure, convenience and health are still the main innovation criteria

Pleasure, convenience and health are still the main innovation criteria

Trade fair organizers often follow up on trends in their sector in order to steer their concepts. In order to do so, the organizers often call up on specialists to conduct specific dedicated studies. The good thing is that results of those studies are often shared with the general public.

In the case of SIAL, we get to take look at trends all over the world thanks to the FOOD 360 study. Now I didn’t have the chance to check out the full study yet, but at SIAL I’ll probably get more information on it. I do have a few items already that I can share with you.

  • The concept “I produced it myself” is growing in importance all over the world.
  • The concepts pleasure, convenience and health are still dominant
  • Sustainability is not the main criteria. People mention it, consumers claim it’s important, but none is acting up on it.
  • Innovation is key, but a revolution is not necessary. People look for new tastes, new textures or new surprising presentations. However, a new product can’t be a total disruption with the consumer’s culture.
  • The web is not dictating our plate. For fashion, tourism, or other domains, the interactions between brands and consumers are more important than in the food world.
  • Free from is gaining, clear labeling also. More and more people are conscious of the impact of certain substances. So not just consumers suffering from allergies are checking out the content of products. All types of consumers will pay attention to the ingredients and manufacturing of a purchased product.

The full content of the study by TNS Sofres for SIAL will be presented during the exhibition on SIAL TV. So I’ll make sure to check it out and maybe bring to you more of its content in a next article.



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