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A very attractive EquipHotel 2016

A very attractive EquipHotel 2016

Aims to inspire its industry

In a few days, EquipHotel will open its doors. The event is dedicated to professionals of the catering and hospitality industry. The fair aims to be a place where architects, decorators, buyers, designers, and more can gather to network, learn, and analyze the latest trends of their industry. The event takes place in Paris Porte de Versailles from 6th till 10th of November 2016.

Key Figures

In 2014, the show was good for:

  • 1600 exhibitors (37 countries represented)
  • 30 sectors of activity
  • Over 111.000 visitors (20% are international)
  • Approximately 250 innovations

What shouldn’t you miss during the 2017 edition?

  • Studio 16: A feature that depicts the “perfect” establishment. Hotel Owners, architects, designers and other professionals taking trends, and the latest innovations into consideration have conceived the concept. This area is occupying 3000 sqm by itself in pavilion 7.
  • The Signature Area: A great hotel experience is also supported by great design. This dedicated area of the trade fair concentrates on interior design, decoration and will showcase a selection of several interiors and furniture brands.
  • The Chef’s Studio: what would an event with food as a theme be without some competition between chefs? Not very interesting indeed. Well the show will welcome many different technical challenges and contests such as the Trophée Jean Delaveyne, Les Chefs en Or, etc.
  • Capsules: Prepare to discover 4 capsules dealing with modern-day issues such as accessibility, sustainable development and technological innovation, the prevention of occupational risks or the spa
  • Studio Flair by FlyBottle: this is the part for the bar and bartenders. There will be demos, tastings, juggling with bottles and a bartender competition.
  • Also worth mentioning: The show has its own pastry again. This year it’s the EH16 Religieuse by Chef Benoit Castel. Next to that visitors and exhibitors will be able to meet at the bar to extend their discussions in a cozier atmosphere and even try one of the EH Aperitifs.


And new for 2017, the EHBusinessClub

Yes you read correctly, this latest news is about next year already. The organizers of the trade fair announced the launch of EHBusinessClub. The concept is to organize a two-day event in Cannes next year where 500 professionals will be able to meet (26th and 27th of October 2017). The event will be essentially about networking and business meetings aimed at French and International investors, buyers, importers, architects, etc. The first edition is for 2017; afterwards it will alternate with EquipHotel.


My 20/CENT on this EquipHotel

There are a few elements that caught my attention with this EquipHotel.

In the presentation and communication of the event, it seems this event is ticking almost all the boxes on my list. Events, seminars, demos, communication that is active on several social media channels, and many more.

Also I am very curious of the Studio 16. I have been told the concept is something, which is unmissable. But I always get interested when a trade fair organizer is dedicating an area, and means to inspire its visitors by showcasing the latest trends and innovations in a very concrete manner.

Finally, I must say it’s an event I have on my to do list for quite some time. Hopefully I still manage to squeeze a quick visit and a decent train ticket and see if the reality matches my expectations (surely it should be the case).




EquipHotel, from 6th till 10th of November 2016, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, http://www.equiphotel.com/en/Home/


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