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Innovation, knowledge and trends on your plate
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Innovation, knowledge and trends on your plate

It’s October, so it means that the mid of the month equals a trip to visit one of the biggest food events in the world. This year is en even number year so all food professionals including myself will go to Paris to attend the SIAL. The event will open its doors from 16th till the 20th of October at Paris Nord Villepinte.


Why do you always go Vince?


Football aficionados dream of the world cup, snooker addicts are mesmerized by the Crucible, for tennis fans the four Grand Slam events are key, …I can go on with metaphors if you want me to but I guess you get the idea. Well in the food world, professionals always look up to mid October for either SIAL or Anuga. As mentioned in previous posts, there is no choice, both are unmissable so I wont go and dwell on that (if you need just read again http://20100retail.be/en/articles/32/sial-paris-vs-anuga-cologne-the-battle-of-the-giants). So let’s concentrate on the SIAL this time and enjoy the preview, as I smell opportunities this year.

More specifically

One doesn’t (or shouldn’t) go there just simply to purchase new products to put on the shelves. You could compare the event to a giant supermarket but it is actually much more. Indeed, next to the product discoveries, you can learn about the latest trends in the sector, network and also get a better understanding of what consumers all over the world expect in their plate. Think about it, the approach and expectations of consumers in Asia may not be the same as in Europe, or in the Americas. At SIAL you get to learn about those differences and play with them if you plan export.

The way it happens is simple. The organizers of SIAL put innovation and trends at the heart of the event, with the help of studies developed with professionals, store tours, the organization of seminars and conferences, and the dedicated spaces solely concentrated on innovative concepts and products.

In numbers the SIAL is

  • 7000 exhibitors, 85% are international
  • More than 155000 visitors (70% internationals)


What should you look forward to?

  • SIAL Innovation: is the dedicated area where the most innovative food products provided by SIAL Paris exhibitors are displayed, and where you can find detailed presentations of the latest consumer trends. This area is designed with the participation of XTC World Innovation.
  • World Tour: in partnership with international journalists this event explains consumer trends in 28 markets throughout the world
  • La Cuisine: it’s a place for culinary activities: master classes, demonstrations, a VIP restaurant... with famous chefs. Joël Robuchon the guy famous for his “Et Bon appetit bien sûr” catchphrase on television, but even more for his skills, will be the patron of this year’s event
  • SIAL TV: a TV studio where round table discussions, debates and conferences take place.
  • Wine and Food Lab: an area dedicated to food and wine pairing.
  • In-Food Centre: located in the In-Food sector (hall 6), it provides a program of conferences and business meetings on semi-processed food products, ingredients, food processing and equipment.
  • SIAL off: it is a trend now that many trade fair organizers encourage their visitors to also enjoy the city and surroundings around the trade fair. Thanks to a booklet, many establishments in Paris have been highlighted (coffee shops, restaurant, bar and artisan boutique), so participants can really get the most out of Paris during the event. (booklet available at the show)
  • Inspire Drink: Totally new this year. This event is all about drinks such as Cocktails, Mocktails, Tea and Coffee. The program includes demonstrations, tastings and special activities.


My 20/CENT

This year I am actually wondering if the tragic events Paris, and Europe experienced will have any influence. Well I already expressed my opinion in a previous post. Hopefully you all feel the same and this edition won’t feel any impact.

I have repeated it many times before; the SIAL is one of those events I mark months in advance in my agenda. And if you are a true food professional, you probably have done the same.

And actually if you are visiting as well, don’t hesitate to give me a sign. I’ll gladly drop by your booth if you want me to on Monday or Tuesday.

See you there!




SIAL Paris, from 16th till 20th of October 2016, Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France, www.sialparis.com


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