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This pop up brings the beer ingredients in your plate

This pop up brings the beer ingredients in your plate

A highlight of the Brewed by Nature campaign

Design by Nele Ost

Recently I was invited to attend the opening of a pop up restaurant at the heart of Brussels. For the campaign Brewed By Nature, a restaurant will open temporarily at the Grand Place in the building of the Roy d’Espagne. The main theme on your plate is: beer and its natural ingredients. Hop and barley have somehow disappeared from our cooking, and the concept of the event is to bring them back at the table.

It is a pop up restaurant so the opening will be limited in time. If you are interested, be sure to be quick as the restaurant is only open for a month.

As a reminder, the campaign Brewed by Nature is an initiative aiming to remind Belgians about the natural ingredients used in beer. (You can also check my previous post: Showing the natural ingredients of beer).

Alex James

The concept


In terms of environment, you can’t complain. The restaurant is at the third floor of the Roy d’Espagne, so you have a stunning view of the most beautiful place of the world.

The design of the interior has also been thought through. The elevator that brings you up is playing the sound of beer poured in a glass. Once upstairs, you can smell the barley and the hop as they are integrated in the decoration.

Two things should catch your attention, the design by Nele Ost, floral artist, and the Hop Experience room. I had the pleasure of tasting hop ice cream in that last one and it was a very pleasant surprise.

A menu entirely with beer

Lately on a trip to France (famous for its wines), someone asked me if it was possible to have an entire ‘high class Michelin like’ meal with beer instead of wine. Actually he didn’t ask, he was more stating that it was impossible. Yep that French guy and I had a little debate about the topic, and I am happy to have experienced even better than what I was trying to explain to him. So take that mister!

The restaurant offers a six-course menu (five at lunch time) at an affordable price. Alex Joseph, ambassador of Brewed By Nature and chef of the restaurant Rouge Tomate, took it upon him to create the menu. He worked on certain recipes with many different tests before achieving very tasty results. Kriek, Triple Karmeliet, Stella Artois, Leffe Royale have all been included in surprising combinations. And is the result good? Yes. I advise you to try.

If you want to know, I got reacquainted with Stella Artois which I usually hated, discovered the Goose IPA, and my taste buds were blown away by a duck enhanced by a Kriek based sauce.

So if you have the opportunity, hurry as it is only going to last a month.


For more info on the campaign Brewed by Nature, www.brewedbynature.be


The restaurant will be open during the month of October only. For reservations: http://brewedbynature.eventbrite.com

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