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Mood: Hopefully these few lines will help the indecisive

Mood: Hopefully these few lines will help the indecisive

Lately I have visited a few international trade fairs in Paris and Cologne. And with other international events coming up, I multiplied contacts with people from overseas. During those contacts with exhibitors or international organizations I heard confirmations of a rumor: Out of fear, some people don’t make the trip to Europe and more precisely Brussels or Paris. Insurances don’t cover trips, and even companies forbid their employees to travel because of the risk.

It is understandable that questions rise after the horrible events Europe has been faced with. But, many will agree to say that living in fear is also giving a victory to the terrorist enemy.

Of course, we shouldn’t bury our head in the sand and pretend nothing happened; or take it lightly and not take any measures because the odds are it won’t happen again. But fear is not the answer.

Frankly, with the events the measures taken by trade fair organizers are far from an annoyance or a deterrent. I still enjoy visiting tradeshows and am not bothered by those extra controls. Opening a bag, showing my badge (with or without IC) is totally normal.

Actually, those security checks are often accompanied with a smile. So try to see it this way: you just have an extra smile to start your visit.



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