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SIGN2COM or when visual communication and signage comes to Kortrijk

SIGN2COM or when visual communication and signage comes to Kortrijk

Here is an event I’ll be happy to (re)discover this year in Kortrijk. SIGN2COM is already two decades old and is a meeting point for the world of visual communication and signage. The fair is Benelux oriented and its target group includes the designer, the developer, the marketeer, the customer or any professional interested in the topic.

An award ceremony, loads of signs, loads of visual stimulations, technologies and innovations…are some of the things visitors will be able to encounter at the event.



In my opinion, the website and communication seem very ‘commercially’ oriented in the way texts are written. Understandably one needs to sell his event in advance. However I was expecting a bit more ‘body’ in the description of the event and what visitors can concretely discover. So I am very curious to see if the event will live up to the expectations the website gave me. But usually in Kortrijk XPO I have been very rarely disappointed.



SIGN2COM, from 25th till 27th of September 2016, Korrtijk Xpo, Kortrijk, Belgium, www.sign2com.com

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