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EQUIPMAG Retail Expo China 2014, a successful first edition

EQUIPMAG Retail Expo China 2014, a successful first edition

As we already mentioned in a previous post about Equipmag, the organisers had decided to launch a new branch of the fair in China. And apparently the organizer is quite pleased with the result.

Some background

Equipmag already had 29 edition of the event in continental Europe, but had decided to expand its aura in Asia. At the last edition of the fair in Paris, last October, we could already see some booths of exhibitor coming from China.

The reasons to go to China are in line with the wishes of the organizers to be more international. But if we look at some information from AT Kearney and the National Bureau of Statistics, the choice to expand to China is logical.

Indeed, total retail sales of consumer goods reached 12.4199 trillion Yuan, an annual growth of 12.1% in the first half of 2014 (according to the National Bureau of Statistics). Furthermore, AT Kearney reported that a mature stage is just what the consumer goods market has reached, meaning future growth will be steady. Of course, new technologies, new digital platforms in retailing industry are also reasons why the market in China (and Asia) is worth exploring and developing for retailers.

Key numbers

  • 4268 visitors coming from 8 different countries (China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Italy, Germany and USA)
  • 121 exhibitors and brands coming from Continental China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, France and Germany
  • 22 conferences, and 1300 attendees

Pleased with the results, a new edition will already take place next year from 14th till 16th of October 2015.

More info : http://www.equipmag-china.com/en/index.php