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The authentic buzz of Mr Robot at dmexco
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The authentic buzz of Mr Robot at dmexco

Overview of the session: Hacking the Future of Premium Content, Mr Robot and Redefining TV Models

Speaker: Jon Cotton, VP Content Development,  NBC Universal


An authentic and buzzing approach

At this dmexco, I managed to squeeze a quick visit to the Motion Hall and could attend a session by NBC Universal. The topic was on the hit show Mr Robot and how the creators marketed it.

If I can sum up the different ingredients that made the marketing of the show very successful it would be the next points:

  • Lots of teasing: for example creating a website with basically not much information, showing for free and for a limited amount of time the first episode on the famous Internet platforms…
  • Being authentic and not fake: making sure that the communication and all the tools used, all items shown on the show are authentic. For example: codes on computer screens during the show are real programming codes, the phone numbers shown can lead to a real treasure hunt for very eager fans…
  • Create a buzz: still in the spirit of the show, the creators performed a few campaigns to create awareness around the show. For example: the literal take over of a newsfeed during a gaming convention (so appeal to the target group), creating the campaign #erasemydebt and giving out money like the main characters do in the show when performing what they call wealth redistribution.


Actually very logical, but well executed

After looking at all what has been done, it actually was a logical approach. The creators have a show playing on themes such as rebellion, wealth redistribution, changing the world to make it better… so basically lots of themes that each rebellious generation believes to be important. Therefore, that the creators decided to use social media, create buzzing hashtags, etc. is just good common sense. But of course, it has to be done the proper way and be successfully executed. In this case it apparently was. 

Well, I have to confess I never watched the show. I know it is shocking for the fans of #fsociety, but don’t worry I had heard of the show before and knew what it was more or less about. (I don’t live in a cave or another planet you know). Anyway, thankfully, they started the session with a six and half minute video of the condensed first season. Quite a long video six and a half minute don’t you think? Actually, this session was filled with lots of (long) videos. And it’s logical as in the Motion Hall of dmexco visual themes have their home. However, the risk with showing many videos is to appear as just showing videos and not giving a speech at all. Luckily, the speakers just avoided that trap and balanced the speaking parts with the videos just right.



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