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The latest report on Vending and OCS by the EVA
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The latest report on Vending and OCS by the EVA

A more refine methodology

The latest report published by the European Vending Association gives you the most recent insights of the European vending and Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry. It is the fourth edition of the market report on the industry provided by the EVA, and consists of a European summary with an overview of 21 countries, as well as separate more detailed individual country market reports.

This new report can’t be simply compared to previous publications. For this new market analysis, more vending operator interviews and new data sources resources brought modifications to historical statistics. The EVA also wished to include more of the OCS market, which makes up an increasing segment of the industry. Therefore, there is no continuity with previous reports.


A few of the key learning points of the report

Here is a short overview of some of the key statistics and insights you can find in the report based on 2015 data:

  • Several markets that have seen a number of years of decline have either started to grow or at least remained stable,
  • But certain markets with particular economic circumstances are still struggling. (e.g. Greece, Russia)
  • The overall field base (number of machines) is now 3.8 million (0.3% increase since 2014)
  • €14.6 billion is the total market revenue in 2015
  • There are around 130 Europeans per vending machine;
  • Over 80% of European machines are located in the workplace
  • In Europe, vending machines sell over 90 million food and drink items every day



For the full report or more info on the report just contact the EVA at http://www.vending-europe.eu


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