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Private label are doing well in Europe
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Private label are doing well in Europe

Due to the economic situation, one out of two (52%) person admit to turn to cheaper brands and products. Private label seem to take advantage of the situation in Europe. Indeed, their market share rose by 5 points (in value) over the last eight years. In 2013, in Western Europe, private label obtained 33 % market share even.

Market share of Private Label in the world

  • Europe: 20-40%
  • North America: 17-24%
  • Oceania: 14-18%
  • Latin America: 6-8%
  • Asia: - de 5%


It is interesting to poit out that private label products are not just copies of A-brands anymore. More and more PL tend to also try to anticipate trends, and propose innovation themselves..


Source: Fiche info SIAL Paris 2014 on Private Labels

Source : themavision.fr – AGRA alimentation

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