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Trade fair Season is open
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Trade fair Season is open

Hi everyone! Hopefully your summer was full of rest, sun and family time. It is now back to work for all, but it doesn’t mean that the fun times end. Trade fair season will be hitting hard in the coming weeks with some major events coming up: Paris Retail Week, DMEXCO, SILMO, SIAL Paris, … Surely these pages will tell you more in the next weeks, so make sure you follow the blog.


Healthy Expo is postponed

But also during the summer I learned sadly that Healthy Expo has been cancelled. The organizer of the event was forced to postpone the idea due to a lack of participating companies. The main reason is that, despite a very attractive participation fee, most of the candidate-exhibitors wanted to see an immediate return on investment in terms of sales during the event. As it is hard to predict and many companies hesitating to register, the organizers preferred to postpone the event. I’ll share with you my thoughts in a future article about how you best plan and calculate your return on a trade fair participation.


Long lives Cake Design Expo

Nevertheless, the organizers of Healthy Expo don’t give up that easily. They plan to launch a new event in their portfolio: Cake Design Expo. The event will target the professionals and the amateurs who love to bake, and will take place in early May 2017.

As a reminder, the organizer of Cake Design Expo is already the brains and hands behind events such as Vending Benelux, Pizza Benelux, Le salon du Mariage



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