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The first European Food Bloggers Convention is here

The first European Food Bloggers Convention is here

The Influencers Movement

A new event appears on the calendar and it aims to unite the food bloggers. The European Food Blogger Convention 2016 will take place in a couple of days in Amsterdam. Behind the initiative you can find TIM. Not a guy named Tim but The Influencers Movement. This association of bloggers, vloggers, social influencers and marketeers, aims to facilitate direct connections between marketers and influencers in order to create valuable collaborations.

The European Food Blogger Convention will take place in the RAI Amsterdam, and coincide with the Free From Food trade fair.

Mainly conferences

  • Matchmaking area: a matchmaking area is announced, but I must admit that it is hard to find more practical information on the website
  • A program of conferences: several conferences are announced and the themes are right on target with topics such as “Food Photography”, “The Power of Pinterest”, …


My 20/CENT on the initiative

As it is a first event, it is very difficult to predict a number of attendees, and the opinion can only be based on what I have seen on the website. But the website doesn’t really help.

It seems that the event is really aimed at food bloggers of all horizons. This I get and it is obvious. However, I must say that the information and the functionality of the website are a bit disappointing as many buttons on the homepage don’t function.

Also checking on the social media presence the convention, I am surprised to see that very few follow the Twitter account of the show, and the Facebook page looks quiet.

But anyway as I am going to visit the Free From Food Fair, I will still go and check this initiative out. Especially I do believe bloggers need a certain platform to learn, exchange and grow. So I am not going to shoot at the organizer for starting a good idea, even though if the execution in the start is a bit shaky. We all started this way, and some still struggle but go on.



European Food Bloggers Convention, 9th and 10th of June 2016, RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, www.efbconvention.com


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