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Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global, the place to be for the fish industry
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Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global, the place to be for the fish industry

Big numbers again for the turnout

Yearly Brussels becomes the capital of the fishing industry and welcomes the trade shows Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global. Visitors will be able to learn, discover and purchase various fish related products and services: Fresh fish and seafood, Frozen fish and seafood, Value added seafood, Processing fish and seafood, Processing and packaging equipment, Freight forwarders and logistics services, etc.

Key numbers

In 2015

  • More than 26.600 visitors
  • Buyers from 144 countries
  • Exhibitors from 77 countries
  • 68 National and Regional Country Pavilions

For 2016 the organization announces

  • 1650 exhibitors from 76 countries including 72 country pavilions
  • 35893m2 of exhibition area

As for the number of participants, the recent events in Brussels might have an impact. However, the organizer sees the number of registration extremely promising. (And again, you shouldn’t worry, see my other posts)

The main features

On the different booths visitors will be able to see various cooking demos, and some seminars are also on the agenda.

But the main event not to miss is the Seafood Excellence Global Awards. The award will be given to the Best Retail product and to the Best Hotel/Restaurant/Catering(Horeca) Product. On top, five other awards will be handed out for innovation, convenience, health and nutrition, retail packaging and seafood product line. The finalists have been presented (see: http://20100retail.be/en/articles/170/the-seafood-global-excellence-awards-2016-finalists-are-known) and the winners will be announced during a reception as it is the custom for these sorts of things. During the fair, you will be able to see the winners and the finalists exhibited in a dedicated area (in the Patio of Brussels Expo).


My 20/CENT on Seafood Expo Global

It is understandable that questions arise and communication should be done around safety after what happened. But “Pfff… stop with the negativism and the paranoia please” This is what I think when I see the latest info released around the show. Having visited ISM in Cologne or MDD Expo in Paris or even other events in Belgium and Brussels, safety was never my main concern. I trust and am convinced that organizers of such events just think about safety issues and deal with them (not just terrorism, but also fire, electricity shortage, alien invasions…). Yes, Diversified Communications, you have done your job concerning safety, but don’t over-communicate about it, concentrate your communication also on the content of the show. If you (as a visitor or as an exhibitor) hesitate to show up, allow me to reassure you and tell you that Brussels is a great city and you shouldn’t be scared. (Please read also: http://20100retail.be/en/articles/171/should-you-be-concerned-about-safety-at-seafood-expo-global-and-seafood-processing-global-2016-no-you-shouldn-t)

Speaking of content (let’s get back to a more fun part shall we?), Seafood Global Expo is a must-go when it concerns the fish industry. The thing that amazes me the most is the amount of national pavilions you can discover on the trade fair. And the funny thing is that you get to learn quite some interesting data about the different sides of the industry if you are curious enough to search for these (a lot of the national committees or associations like to support their national industry with data or studies).

So again, don’t be concerned about safety, be only concerned about the time you will spend on the show, as for the fish industry, it is a “not to miss event”.



Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global, from 26th till 28th of April 2016, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium, www.seafoodexpo.com/global/




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