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Should you be concerned about safety at Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global 2016? No, you shouldn’t
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Should you be concerned about safety at Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global 2016? No, you shouldn’t

Diversified Communication and the city of Brussels worked hard

In the wake of the Brussels bombings, the organizers of the event Seafoond Expo Global and Seafood processing Global sent out a communication to answer concerns regarding safety, transportation, etc. Allow me to quote the press release.

Liz Plizga, Group Vice President for Diversified Communications had this to say: “The current condition in Brussels definitely has had an impact on everyone’s decisions to come to the city and the exposition.  Every day we receive comments and feedback from exhibitors expressing their concerns about the situation and others showing their support. Our customers have placed a lot of trust in us to deliver an important business tool on the global stage in a safe environment, and that’s what we are focusing on. Understandably, the attacks on the city will have an impact on this year’s event, however, as it stands, we are still tracking ahead of last year with over 36,000m2 of exhibit space, and buyers are still registering every day to attend the event. “

Concerning the companies who expressed their will to cancel their participation, Liz Plizga continued: “Companies will need to make individual decisions and we respect their choice if they choose to no longer join us for the 2016 edition.

The organizer ensures that they are working with Brussels Expo and the city of Brussels to provide participating exhibitors with a safe environment. This will translate into tightened security measures at the exposition and in the city., complimentary city shuttles and additional transportation services

Communicating a clear message about what’s in place is critical in this situation. The city has been exceptionally responsive to our concerns and safety needs. We would not have been able to receive the same level of attention and efforts should we have decided to move the event to another city at this time.” added Liz Plizga.


Don’t stop living

Since the last couple of months, Belgian faces a high level of alert, soldiers on the streets, and a lot of bad press in the world. Well that’s quite easy to pick on a small country licking its wounds, and doing the democratic thing of putting itself and its way of functioning in question. The past near or far is filled with horrible events in the world (the Paris attacks, incidents in Cologne, the situation in Greece, different shootings in the US, the Boston Marathon bombing, 9-11…) and the future is not very encouraging (still no solution for Syria, Isis, the potential election of a Donald Trump, North Korea’s nuclear tests…). Well you shouldn’t submit to panic and see everything dark.

You can’t believe you can’t go out of your house anymore just to avoid crowded areas. And this comes from a guy living in the outskirt of the city of Brussels, not far from the airport, where some of the terrible events took place. Walking on the streets, driving around, seeing soldiers and extra police, I don’t feel unsafe. Why should you stop living? 

You are going to tell me that a trade show is a big event attracting crowds and is a potential target for any nutjob terrorist group. I visited different trade fairs since the terrorist attacks and never felt unsafe. Furthermore, I can tell you that since the events in Paris, or in Cologne, I even have visited those cities and been to trade fairs there. Still I didn’t feel unsafe.

Last year when I visited the Seafood Global Expo, security agents were present and my bag was controlled. I must say that this control was not annoying, not unpleasant, and didn’t raise any safety concern in my mind. Now it seems the organizers are even taking extra precaution. Then safety shouldn’t be the first concern in your mind coming to the show.

So I recognize everyone needs to take his decision. But if you are unsure about a visit to Brussels, don’t be. Sincerely, next to making business at the Seafood Global Expo, just enjoy your visit to the magnificent city of Brussels.



Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global, from 26th till 28th of April 2016, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium,www.seafoodexpo.com/global/


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