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Tavola 2016, everything of a big event

Tavola 2016, everything of a big event

Fine and fresh food

From the 13th to the 15th of March, Tavola 2016 will open its doors for all professionals of the fine and fresh food industry. The fair is one I know quite well as a visitor but also as exhibitor in a past life.

In the agenda Tavola is an event that attracts a lot of attention. At the trade fair you can find a lot of different products and categories represented: classic and trendy gourmet food; private brands and A-brands, innovations, prepared food and delicatessen products; frozen foods; beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), coffee and tea; dry food, specialties and delicacies; vegetarian products; fish and seafood; meat and meat products, game and poultry; confectionery, bread and pastries...

Exhibitors come from Belgium but also abroad, for example the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Poland, Hungary and even South Africa. For the Benelux region, the event is definitely a highlight.

Facts and figures

  • 400 exhibitors
  • approx. 17,000 visitors from over 30 countries
  • all five halls of Kortrijk Xpo are used

Activities at Tavola

The fair organizer always makes great efforts to fill the agenda with interesting side events. There will be of course a lot of demos and tastings on various booths, but a visitor will be wise to also check the following events:

  • The Golden Tavola: an award that is given by a jury of experts in four categories: Retail, Catering, Foodservice and Deli. The winners and the nominees will be exhibited at a special dedicated area (this area and the presentation get renewed at every edition, so don’t expect the same presentation as last time). For those interested, you can view the winners in a next article.
  • The Food Business Meetings: this is particularly interesting for exhibitors, agents, buyers and others who wish to optimize their agenda. The concept allows subscribing, creating a profile, and organizing meetings thanks to a matching system. For a client I have arranged this and I must say that the concept is very efficient.
  • Cocktails and receptions: after opening hours on Sunday and Monday receptions are often organized. Those usually take place on the Rambla of Kortrijk Xpo and obviously you have to be invited to such events. So check left or right with your contacts, because these are often very interesting networking opportunities. For example, UKTI organizes a cocktail on Sunday evening, on Monday there is an international event ...


My 20/CENT, a few tips for an unmissable event

Choose your day and take your time

As a tip I can tell you that Sunday is always very busy. It is clearly the moment for a lot of professionals to come with their family. Monday and Tuesday are "quieter" with buyers, agents, distributors etc. But pay attention, that does not mean no business takes place on Sunday, on the contrary. I mention this point just so you can choose your day.

As mentioned previously, also try to attend networking events. An invitation is of course necessary, but these receptions are part of the Tavola experience; and they are also excellent to go deeper into a conversation with an exhibitor who you might have met too briefly on his busy booth.

Also, I advise you to take your time when visiting. With about 400 exhibitors, the exhibition area is covered quickly. But make sure you take time to at least visit the artisan products and international pavilions. There are always nice surprises there.

In the Champions League

From feedbacks and statistics, I can tell you also like when I express my opinion on an event. Especially in this case since I can talk as well as former visitor and former exhibitor. Well let me put it this way. If we were to compare the food fairs with football teams, I think we can place Tavola with Anuga, Sial, Biofach etc. in the Champions League. The event is international, and has always a nice offer in terms of products, exhibitors and visitors. Regarding the organization I never encountered or experienced major issues (both as exhibitor or as visitor). And the side ​​activities are always interesting to discuss concrete business (think for example of the Food Business Meetings).

So if Tavola is not already in your calendar, take a pen now!



Tavola, from 13th till 15th of March 2016, Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk, Belgium, www.tavola-xpo.be


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