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Equipmag, great inspiration, but also lots of questions

Equipmag, great inspiration, but also lots of questions

As mentioned in a previous post, the fair was on my agenda, and I was not going to miss it. Well I can confirm that my expectations were met : I saw amazing new technologies, some classics reinvented or improved, and also, some unusual items 

A few good ones

If you visited, you probably saw some good things yourself, but here is a small selection of the ones that caught my attention :

Plastic cards getting a more authentic look by Evolis

It’s not highly technological as other innovations. But the simple plastic price tag is getting a more appealing authentic look

The shopping cart-wash

Maybe sounds funny, but I know many parents who wonder if it’s clean to put their kid on the cart. This will reassure them.

The most spectacular animation : Retail Lab 2020

EQUIPMAG organised this space to demonstrate some new technologies. It was definitely the highlight of the visit in my opinion.

Furniture get connected : just operate your television with your coffee table. The demo was made with a simple table to which a few electronic items were added. The operations and command could be done just by sliding your fingers on the surface.

Augmented reality can be added anywhere. Just using your tablet or smartphone can enhance the advertising (which is simple paper) on the streets. The demo demonstrated how for a movie, augmented reality allowed you to access the movie trailer, reviews and even purchase your tickets. The same can be done to get more info about a product and reserve it in a nearby store or get it delivered. (Although I still have some thoughts on this one)

Some thoughts

The ‘all in one’ doesn’t exist (yet) : it is amazing the amount of exhibitors who told me that they were only involved in software, or only in hardware, but not in both. Also for content, they were always referring to the fact that it’s up to the customer to design it

Are the new technologies suitable for every item? All these omnichannel solutions are nice, but one can’t help to wonder if consumers will shop for expensive items through these channels. I can’t imagine just being at a bus stop and suddenly buy an expensive item (a watch worth around 1000€, or a car as those demos showed).  

What happens to pampering your customer? The pampering aspect is an important aspect during the purchase, especially for high priced items or luxury goods. When you go and buy a luxury item, you also get to sit in a beautifully designed boutique, where the staff sometimes also welcomes you with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of bubbles to celebrate your purchase. All these aspects add to the glamour of your purchasing experience.  

Finally, shopping is not just a rational moment for me. Yes, if some frustrations (eg : finding parking, the right location of the right item etc…) that can be associated to the process can be avoided, it is welcome.  But shopping is also getting tempted for me. Not just a need or an urge that needs to be filled instantly. All these new technologies seem to concentrate on rationalising the process, and giving all the info (technical info, reviews etc…) to the shopper who just needs to "click it, to get it". Shopping is to me more than that; it’s a fun process of discoveries, and temptation. 

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