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Five good reasons why I keep blogging?
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Five good reasons why I keep blogging?

It will make you a better entrepreneur

The end of 2015 marks the end of my first full year as a blogger. (I started in April 2014 for those who remember). Obviously, I look forward to continue this activity in 2016, and I do have several ideas to continue to improve and develop the concept of 20/CENT Retail.

However, sometimes I get contacts that don’t understand why I invest so much of my time in this activity. “What does it bring?”, “Do you make a lot of money out of it?”, “Is it simply a hobby?” …are some of the regular questions I get concerning my writing occupation. Well there are numerous reasons why I started; and some extra aspects of the activity I discovered along the way, keep me motivated to go on. Allow me to share some of these with you today:

  • Blogging brings new ideas: Covering similar topics on a regular basis actually force me to use different approaches and discover new ways of studying a concept.
  • Writing helps me structure ideas. In the end, an article has to make sense and reflect also a certain vision. Therefore, it’s important to structure the ideas and the flow correctly. I don’t expect you’d appreciate it if articles where just a big amount of interconnected gibberish.
  • Speaking of vision, the time I take to look at a topic always pushes me to develop my own vision and opinion.
  • Blogging helps to build an audience. Numerous are the regular readers of these pages, and I am thankful for that. It of course brings a bit of pressure and pushes me to keep going, but it also reflects the results of countless hours of work. And to be honest, that was my first intention with the blog.
  • Finally, the discipline necessary to keep a blog is also a good lesson to teach you about being an entrepreneur. You need to put in energy, a bit of yourself, also have structure, plan your workflow, show discipline, and sometimes you’ll discover new opportunities along the way you didn’t expect.


A piece of advice

The point of this post was not to justify anything to anyone, but merely part of the exercise I do on a weekly basis. Maybe, or should I say hopefully, some of you might get inspired and start doing some writing of their own. If you are thinking of doing it, just one piece of advice: Enjoy !