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Identify your shopper between these 5 types, and learn how to seduce them

Identify your shopper between these 5 types, and learn how to seduce them

Everybody will tell you, the era of omnichannel is upon us. Shoppers change their habits rapidly. And they can buy anywhere, at any time, and with many different means. Therefore, to understand the new habits, and anticipate what tomorrow will bring, are crucial challenges.

Within this context, the organiser of the trade fair EQUIPMAG asked Soon Soon Soon agency to detect those trends in shopping. The result is the identification of 5 types of shoppers and their expectations : the watcher, the careshopper, the influencer, the wow-addict and the norm-core.


The VIGI-SHOPPER or watcher

For this type of shopper, sincerity is key. Everything that a brand or retailer announces (through packaging, publicity…) has to correspond to the reality. Properties of the product, traceability, labels, are key elements attracting the full attention of the watcher. To satisfy his needs, a brand or a retailer should facilitate the buying process by giving clear and to the point information.

The SLOW-SHOPPER or careshopper

Local products, direct chains, proximity businesses are attracting the careshopper. Respecting the environment is also an important point n the eyes of this shopper. To seduce him, make sure his buying process happens in a ‘Zen’ environment. The process needs to be serene and calm.

The SOCIAL-SHOPPER or influencer 

The tribe of this shopper hears all his buying exploits from him. He loves to share his experiences and his new findings through blogs and forums. He is an expert in buying and has a good sense of what innovation is. It is obviously the type of shopper a brand or retailer will benefit to transform into an ambassador. To do so, you have to help him in his sharing by giving all the technological help you can.

The EMO-SHOPPER or wow-addict 

The buying process is a very intense and emotional moment for the wow-addict. Buying is for this shopper equal to discovering new unique sensations, and a way to connect with brands through surprising experiences. Pop-up stores attract him as well as buying processes which allow him to get out of his everyday life.

The ALTER-SHOPPER or norm-core 

This shopper doesn’t go through the traditional chains, but through alternative channels. Shopping is not his favourite activity, and only happens when it is a necessity. Brands and retailers better give him an easy task in order to satisfy the alter-shopper.


To complete this profiling, you can also check out the survey by OpinionWay, quantifying the respective percentages that those shoppers represent in the French population. (see Sondage OpinionWay pour Soon Soon Soon).



Equipmag Retail, Distribution and POS fair, from 16th till 18th of September 2014 www.equipmag.com and on  http://20100retail.be/en/articles/12/equipmag-promises-to-be-oriented-retail-innovation-360°

Soon Soon Soon, www.soonsoonsoon.com

More on the survey by OpinionWay for Soon Soon Soon and EQUIPMAG on http://www.equipmag.com/Presse/Actualites-salon-du-retail/Mai-2014-Conference-Before-Equipmag


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