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Food Innovations, the trends of 2014

Food Innovations, the trends of 2014

The bureau XTC, partner of SIAL, took a look at the main trends in innovation worldwide.

First conclusion of the study is quite simple : global innovation still doesn’t exist. This is actually quite logical as the food industry adapts itself to continental, national and sometimes regional specificities.

But four key-trends can be identified and compared between the main continents :

  • Pleasure
  • Convenience
  • Physical advantages
  • Ethics

Pleasure still leads the way. In 2013, according to XTC’s study, 55% of companies innovate on the pleasure axis. In comparison, in 2011 those innovating on pleasure were represented by 52,5 % of food companies.

The drivers according to the region

  • North America: the « variety of the senses » is the most important trend in innovation in 2013, followed by functionality and safety.
  • Latin America: the ranking of trends in Latin America is the same as in North America, with a strong ranking for Sensory variety (new tastes, perfumes, etc.). Latin America has the strongest Slim-fit trend in the world.
  • Asia: Variety of Senses trends are strongest in Asia, representing nearly 50% of innovative products.
  • Europe: Offering pleasure « prêt à manger ». We notice that many innovations have been adapting to new nomad behaviors, while maintaining the varied and sophisticated traits that characterize « food models » in most European countries.
  • Middle East / Maghreb: more westernized innovation. The Middle East and Maghreb area typically offers pleasure, health and convenience.

More information and examples will be presented at SIAL in Paris in October.