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More than Digital, a newcomer in the digital events of the calendar

More than Digital, a newcomer in the digital events of the calendar

Yes, I hear you loud and clear, here comes yet another event evolving around digital and ecommerce. Before you start complaining about the agenda being full, or about the fact other events exists, let us take a look at it calmly, shall we?


It is not another client event

The event is actually an initiative by The Reference, which positions itself as a full service agency. After taking the initiative myself to learn more about the event, I had a chat with Anja Capelle, Managing Director of the agency.

During the discussion, and afterwards looking at the different information provided to me and on the website, I could gather the few following points, which are in my eyes important to point out:

  • The event is not just a client event: One could fear indeed when a company announces an event, that it will be just a couple of presentations used as an excuse to put the company and its services in the spotlights. Well the event is open to everyone, including the competitors of The Reference. Some of them are even already registered to the congress. Usually, it is a good sign we are not talking about a client event.
  • There is an ambition: Anja Capelle also announced that they hope the event will become a yearly event, and that other organizations will join in the adventure. The event size will also be quite respectable as the target is set at 200 delegates.
  • It is not just local: The event is set in Brussels. Many of you know how much Brussels has my preference over many cities. But objectively, anyone will admit that if you want an event to attract as much people as possible, and be more international, Brussels is the perfect choice. Also, all presentations will be made in English. So for this event, nobody can claim that the event is more French or Dutch oriented. It should attract anyone.
  • The content: A real key to the success of a conference, the choice of speakers and the topics they will handle, will make or break an event. Here again the signs are promising. The speakers are not the obvious usual ones (you know who I am talking about right?). And what is also interesting is that the different tracks should please executives, seniors and experts.


A closer look at the content

The conference surfs obviously on the latest trends in digital communication and ecommerce, and the topics will revolve around three main topics:

  • e-commerce
  • Mobile, internet of things & wearables
  • how to engage your customers

Looking at the agenda, three presentations caught my eye:

The closing keynote: “The shape of things to come”

This presentation by Jeremy Abbet, Creative evangelist for Google, will point out the importance of creativity in companies in order to face the constantly changing environment. It seems like the event will close on an inspirational note.

The digital consumer in fashion retail

Eric Cuypers, Chief Information Officer at JBC, will share his vision for the future of fashion retailing and the importance of creating one single experience for both retail and digital channels. It is always good to get the views of a retailer, and other channels can definitely get inspired through thiese type of presentations.

How to create a connected user journey across 35 digital channels

Just for the description on the website, this presentation by Ellen Van Den Berghe, Digital Channels Manager at the Belgian National Lottery, caught my attention. I bet many companies face the confusion in front of so many different communication channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter…. Just to name a few). And Ellen Van Den Berghe will depict the same confusion that took place at her company in the past.


My 20/CENT on the event

Of course it is a first event, and therefore I cannot give you a guarantee that the networking at this congress will be at the same level as the one of other well established conferences.

But, for me the content is the more important aspect at every event. If you are curious enough, you will try to find something useful for yourself. Looking at the agenda, I believe that many of you will be able to do so, regardless your level or position.

Also, the positioning of the event (national, open to anyone, …as mentioned above) makes this More than Digital Day interesting.



For the readers of these pages (that means you dear visitor!), regulars or newbies, the organizer of the event is offering to extend the early bird rate. Meaning that you will be able to register for 149€ instead of 249€!

If you wish to enjoy this offer, you just need to use the promo code: 20100-retail in the field ‘Discount voucher’ when you register. You are welcome and enjoy!



More than Digital Day, October 1st 2015, Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, Brussels, Belgium, www.morethandigital.be


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