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The omnichannel receives a new major event with Paris Retail Week

The omnichannel receives a new major event with Paris Retail Week

The ambition is to be the leading event in Europe

The fashion experts have their well-established glamorous events in New York, London or Paris. Our retail world is not standing still and also has several impressive happenings. The number of these events grew even more in recent years with the proliferation of congresses, conferences or seminars on the topic of omnichannel. This year sees the advent of one of these new initiatives, but this one I think will be worth it. Indeed, Paris Retail Week wants to position itself as the trade event on the topic in Europe. The organization therefore displays a serious ambition.


The concept of Paris Retail Week

The habits of consumers are constantly changing in recent years, and still continue to transform at the pace of technological innovation and social networks. Traders, retailers, manufacturers, and brands face difficulties in front of these constant modifications. Therefore, the initiative of Paris Retail Week was launched. The wish of the organiser is to bring a view and a current reading of the latest practices and innovations.

From 21st till 23rd of September in Paris, the Comexposium group will bring together two trade fairs: E-Commerce Paris and the new Digital (in) Store by Equipmag.

To give you some figures, the group wants to attract around 600 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 visitors.

Ecommerce Paris

This is the 12th edition of the show created in 2004. Visitors can find the entire e-commerce chain: website creation, management solutions, CRM, logistics ... The 500 expected exhibitors will be spread over four areas

  • Technologies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Logistics

Digital (in) Store by Equipmag

Regular visitors to these pages will remember the articles on Equipmag last year. This year the group Comexposium offers us a new event that will present innovations on the point of sale. One hundred exhibitors are announced. These will cover: payment systems, smart furniture, merchandising, business intelligence, lighting solutions...

Events not to miss

A program of conferences and side events will complement the offer of exhibitors.

  • Conferences and seminars: a seminar and conference program has been designed and is very broad. Keynotes are scheduled but also very practical sessions. In short, there will be something for everyone with plenary sessions, special sessions, master classes ...
  • The store-tours: the best action and learning points happen on the field, and so what better than to visit points of sale in the presence of retail experts. Two tours are possible on 22nd and 23rd of September.
  • The E-Commerce Awards: in their ninth year, these awards are for actors and promising innovations bringing to the market effective responses to issues that arise. Several themes will be honoured with prizes in the following categories: Logistics, Customer Experience, CRM, Brand Experience, Technology, Digitizing the point of sale, Social Commerce and Special one for Concept store & merchandising
  • The press conference of the FEVAD: It will be the opening presentation of the exhibition. The FEVAD will show its study on the evolution of e-commerce market (sector KPI’s, buyer profile,...)


My 20/CENT on Paris Retail Week

The subject had already been discussed in a previous article. The show is now closer than ever, and the information is more defined and confirms my first impressions.

The international aspect is present. Usually I feel that fairs taking place in Paris are often French oriented. But the presence of international speakers and exhibitors demonstrate the opposite. So, the announced ambition to be a major event in Europe seems to materialize.

Also, the conference program pleasantly surprises me. Often the difficulty is to find interesting topics for as well experienced professionals, experts, CEOs, or more 'start-up' profiles. In my view, the organization will manage to please everybody. I have also already marked the conferences and seminars that interest me in my calendar (Wholefoods to name one).

In terms of communication, the organizer is very active and I would even say shows continuity. The communication department announced a show that presents the new media, or the impact of social media and therefore uses the same tools: Paris Retail Week is on Twitter, has its blog, its Hashtags (#parisretailweek, DIS15 #, # ECP15 ), etc. Clearly the organization practices what it preaches.

Finally, it seems worth pointing out that we are talking of two trade fairs innovating (one of them is even a new one), and ‘merging’ into a major event in the sector. And it looks very promising. So, here's an initiative that will bring to a silence the bad gossips that claim exhibitions are dying for several years. And my hunch is that my visit will confirm this thought.



Paris Retail Week, from 21st till 23rd of September 2015, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, www.ecommerceparis.com, www.digital-in-store-event.com, www.parisretailweek.com


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