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Agenda August and beyond: My 20/CENT is back on the road
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Agenda August and beyond: My 20/CENT is back on the road

To use the words of an unstoppable machine I told you in a previous post ‘I’ll be back’ and here I am. Indeed, the summer is quite calm in terms of trade fairs, or of retail related publications. Nevertheless, the time is often used to rest, but also to reflect, and prepare the second semester. It is indeed in these quiet moments that you can still make a few adjustments to your plans, as starting from September (or your return to the office after holidays) you will be facing the day-to-day activities and won’t have time for such thinking.

On my part, I took some decisions in terms of planning and carefully selected the events that are the most relevant for me. Of course, I will not limit these pages to the selected items. An entire editorial planning has been established. (And don’t be shy! If you have suggestions, just write me. Use the form or write to blog@20100retail.be).

An agenda will still come back on a monthly basis, but let’s have a look at the main events of the second part of 2015.


For the food categories

Unavoidable, inevitable, great fun as well …you have of course the ANUGA from 10th till 14th of October. My hotel is already reserved, so is my train ticket. For the first time I even managed to book a room in the city of Cologne. But that’s not the important part. This is the event where I’ll expect to witness the current and upcoming trends. Also one can hope to find some very interesting innovations.

Also in Cologne, even it’s a niche market for some of you; I expect to learn a few things on the latest vending industry trends at Eu’vend & Coffeena (24-26 September).

Finally don’t forget in Kortrijk to pop in and visit Broodway and Meat Expo (26-28 September). Two fairs taking place simultaneously, and easily done in one day. Probably a lot of specialties, and some artisans will be present.


For digital and ecommerce aficionados

Obviously you will have some local events here and there (Digital First on Octbor 15th, Ecommerce in Kortrijk in December, …), but in my opinion the two events not to miss if you are interested or active in ecommerce and digital marketing are: Dmexco and Paris Retail Week.

Dmexco is taking place on 16 and 17 September in Cologne, and the international program convinced me to reserve a ticket already.

Paris Retail Week, from 21st till 23rd of September in Paris, on the other hand has already been mentioned on these pages. It is the association of Digital (in)Store by Equipmag and Ecommerce Paris. Here also expect lots of conferences and seminars that will tickle your digital senses.


Some conferences to discover

For those of you who like conferences and are tired of your local retail repetitive events, you should check out IGD’s Big Debate on October 6th, and the IP Summit in Berlin (3 and 4 December).

The Big Debate is the new format that replaces the yearly IGD convention.

The IP Summit is celebrating its tenth edition. Trademark, patent, copyright, ongoing EU reforms and more will be on the agenda.


For fun and leisure

Now, if you like events celebrating and showcasing the latest food trends, you should also visit events designed purely for enjoyment. I can see two of these on the agenda in Brussels: Eat! Brussels and le Salon de l’Alimentation.

The festival Eat! Brussels takes place from 10th till 13th of September in the Parc de Warande in Brussels. The event welcomes several restaurants and the Wines of Bordeaux in a beautiful location.

The second event worth mentioning is the Salon de l’Alimentation, also already mentioned on these pages.  The organizers have made tremendous efforts this year to bring back this event to its former glory and to the standards of today. Believe me, I expect both to be fun family events.



There you go. Hopefully you are excited to get back on the road like me. And hopefully I will see some of you in the near future.




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