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10th edition of the Superior Taste Awards

10th edition of the Superior Taste Awards

Noting that the taste is one of the main criteria for purchase of food Louis Frère and Christian De Bauw formed a partnership in 2004 to create an independent institution that would issue quality certification based on taste. Today, ten years later, the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) is recognized worldwide in the food industry for the seriousness of his tests made by the expertise of renowned European Chefs and Sommeliers.


Key figures for the 2014 edition

  • 1,257 food products tested
  • 938 award-winning products, including 106 Belgian products
  • 520 producers from 75 countries



A jury of 120 sommeliers and starred chefs meets several days each year to perform the sensory analysis during blind tests. The products that obtain a sensory evaluation of more than 70% are awarded the prestigious "Superior Taste Award", a recognition that devotes their excellent taste and which allows producers to have a communication tool to differentiate their products and quickly convince new customers.

Of the 938 award-winning products, we can note that:

  • 147 products received a "Superior Taste Award - 1 Star Gold"
  • 479 products received a "Superior Taste Award - 2 Gold Stars"
  • 276 products received a "Superior Taste Award - 3 gold stars"
  • 36 products have received a Crystal Taste Award, a recognition that rewards products who won 3 Gold, more than 90% of gustatory pleasure, 3 years in a row in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Belgian manufacturers are also rewarded, 6 Crystal Taste Award and 28 Superior Taste Award with 3 Golden stars

Among the rewarded Belgian companies are: Agristo Nazareth, Alken Maes, Alpro, Beauvoords Bakhuis Belgische Keurslagers, Betramos, Biscuit Jules Destrooper, Carrefour Belgium, Cavalier, Coca-Cola Company, Jam l'Ardennaise CSM Benelux, Culture-Pains , On Haubry, Radermacher Distillery, Farm Brewery Bertinchamps, GHL Group, Guylian, Haacht Brewery, Hain Europe, Icobes, Inex, John Martin, L & L brochure, The William Lutosa, Manna Food, Millz, Mydibel, Natrajacali, Orangina Schweppes Belgium, Orient Drink, Pralibel, Seagull, StarMeal, Tastyfood, The Belgian Chocolate Group, The Owl Distillery, Unilever, Vandemoortele Vanparys-Candihold, Wieze Belgium Beer and Wonderfood.

6 Belgian products have obtained a Crystal Taste Award

  • Jules Destrooper
    • Almond Bread
    • Nature Butter Waffles
  • Carrefour Belgium
    • Potato Gratin Selection
    • Moulin Himalayan salt
  • D’Haubry: Macarons de Paris
  • Brasserie Haacht: Charles-Quint Ommegang

The official ceremony of the "Awards" was held on 5th of June at the Concert Noble in the presence of the winning companies, Ambassadors of the press, as well as a panel of Chefs and Sommeliers


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