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NRE 2019 is coming up for its second edition

NRE 2019 is coming up for its second edition

A significantly bigger second edition

The first New Retail & Unattended Vending Industry Show (NRE), took place in 2018. And the show is coming back at the end of February 2019. For the second edition, the show expects a serious increase of exhibitors and visitors. 

In numbers

NRE 2018

  • 312 exhibitors 
  • 60,000 professional visitors 

NRE 2019

For the second edition, the organization aims to get 

  • an area of 50,000 m2
  • 700 exhibitors
  • 80,000 visitors

A growing market

The fact that the show will experience such an increase seems to be supported by the growing retail market in the region. Due to capital increase, traditional retail industry reconstructed so that new business modes are constantly emerging including new types of stores, new e-commerce, smart shops, unmanned shelves and vending machines. According to the Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China, both sales scale and profit increase among 2,700 retail enterprises monitored intensively by the state whose operating profit and total profit increase by 8% and 7.1% separately, 6.5% and 11% higher than that in the same period of last year. China New Retail White Paper of iiMedia Research claimed that the trading volume of unmanned retail stores reached 38.94 billion RMB in 2017 while the volume will exceed 1.8 trillion yuan with an increase rate of 281.3% by 2020. 


 Some highlights about NRE 2019

  • Six main areas: The NRE 2019 will divided into six parts, including new retail terminals and unmanned convenience stores, supermarkets, catering halls, smart convenience stores; unmanned self-service equipment, vending machines, unmanned sales containers; new retail supply chain services, fresh cold chain distribution; new retail terminals and supporting information Technology application; intelligent display store equipment; new retail terminal and unmanned shop professional supporting services which will give you more convenience and better experience.
  • The show will also host different events such as: 
    • the Second China New Retail Industry Summit,
    • the 2019 International Unmanned Convenience Store Innovation Seminar
    • the Exhibitors’ New Products Launch
    • and many more


My 20/CENT on NRE2019

I have often read, or experienced that unmanned retail is growing in the region, and many major players are eyeing at the market in China. Just think of all the examples of unmanned stores opened in Shanghai, Guangzhou or other places by major retailers.  So it is only logical that events such as the NRE 2019 provide opportunities for professionals who want to develop in the area. 



NRE 2019, from 25thtill 27thof February 2019, Guangzhou, China, http://www.newretailchina.com/index.php?lang=en



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