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Private label are doing well in Europe
Domaine du Ry d'Argent at the London Wine Fair

Private label are doing well in Europe

Due to the economic situation, one out of two (52%) person admit to turn to cheaper brands and products. Private label seem to take advantage of the situation in Europe. Indeed, their market share rose by 5 points (in value) over the last eight years. In 2013, in Western Europe, private label obtained 33 % market share even.

Market share of Private Label in the world

  • Europe: 20-40%
  • North America: 17-24%
  • Oceania: 14-18%
  • Latin America: 6-8%
  • Asia: - de 5%


It is interesting to poit out that private label products are not just copies of A-brands anymore. More and more PL tend to also try to anticipate trends, and propose innovation themselves..


Source: Fiche info SIAL Paris 2014 on Private Labels

Source : themavision.fr – AGRA alimentation

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